Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Am a Product of My Wife

Read: Acts 5:1-11

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.
                                                                                                                   Proverbs 18:22 

     Next to the day I got saved, December 8, 2006, was the best day of my life. That was the day I watched my wife walk down aisle, and we said our vows in the front of the church. I had made some big decisions in my life before that point, but none were as big as deciding to marry my wife. I didn’t even realize, at the time, how important it was. Over the years, I have tried to do everything that a good husband does – providing for my wife, loving my wife like I should, taking care of her wants, protecting her. However, in all honesty, I must admit that I am a product of my wife. Let me explain. I decided early into my teen years that I was going to serve God with my life. Everything I did after that, I did with my future service to God in mind. On the other hand, the pull of the flesh never goes away, and I fight things just as everyone does. When we first began our relationship, there was a “feeling out” period where I tried to “feel out” what she believed and stood for, and she did the same to me. Of course I wanted a girl who was strong in her standards and convictions, but in the back of my mind, I hoped she was lenient and didn’t have a problem watching worldly movies or doing things like that. In other words, what she would have allowed, I probably would have allowed, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. As I look back, I realize just how important it was that she stood strong like she did. Though my flesh wanted to be satisfied, I got exactly what my spirit had hoped and prayed for.
     My point is this: whomever you marry will have a tremendous impact on who you become. That is why marriage is such an important decision. You literally will be a product of your wife. If you marry a girl with the same fleshly tendencies you have, then you encourage (or, at least, allow) each other to pursue the things of the flesh. Imagine a triangle with God at the top and you and your wife on each corner. As you each move closer to God, you will also move closer to each other. I have discovered that to be the truth in our relationship. It is so important that you seek a purpose in your life, not a person. If your purpose is to serve God wholly, then He will bring the right girl along that will strengthen your resolve to do right. A good wife will make you a better person than you already are. Beg God each day to guide you in your marriage decision; it is a fact that you will be a product of your wife.

Quote of the day: “A husband can love his wife best when he loves God most.”

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