Monday, September 22, 2014

I Need Revival When...(Part 8)

Read: Psalm 122

 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.                                                                                      Psalm 122:1

When I lose the delight and desire for church services, I need revival.
     It is an undisputed fact that many Christian young people in our churches today do not enjoy being there. They would rather be playing basketball, playing video games, or even playing hooky. “Let us do anything and be anywhere but here,” is the unspoken mantra that floats in the heads of many of those young people as they are dragged to church for the thousandth time by parents who know that church is what their child needs. A lackadaisical attitude toward church is considered “cool” by many young people.
     So where do you fit in relation to the majority of young people? Do you love coming to church or do you endure the services until you can get out and do what you really came there for – to talk to the girls or your friends? Do you sit in church thinking about what you will do when the service is over? And of the few young people left who do not despise church, only some of those actually enjoy being there. They look at church as more of a social club than as a place to come to get away from the world and hear how they can become better Christians. They look more forward to the fellowship or basketball game after church than they do to the preaching from the Word of God. They don’t look forward to hearing the message from their pastor. They show up dressed sloppily as if they were hanging out with friends in their backyard. They mumble through the words of the songs that the congregation sings. When you don’t look forward to hearing from the Word of God, you need revival.
     A young man who truly loves God and has the right relationship with Him will love going to church to worship Him. You should dress your best every time you go to church. If you were meeting the President of the United States, you would most certainly dress in your nicest suit. God is much more worthy of our best than the President – wouldn’t you agree? You should sing with all your heart when it is time to sing – that is praising the God Who deserves our praise. A high school student should never work a job that schedules him to miss church services. Nothing is more important than being in the house of God. It all comes down to this: you cannot keep your fire for God when God doesn’t even have your heart in church. God deserves our utmost delight and desire, and it starts by giving him our attention in church. If He doesn’t have it, then the simple solution is that you desperately need revival.

Quote of the day: “A blacksmith can do nothing when his fire is out.”  - Charles Spurgeon

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