Friday, September 5, 2014

A Time to Batte

Read: 2 Samuel 11:1-18

And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel…But David tarried still at Jerusalem.                                                                      2 Samuel 11:1 

     There was never a question in anyone’s mind whether or not King David was a valiant man of war. In fact, God even forbade David from building the temple because he was such an effective fighter. However, on the fateful day that David committed the life-changing mistake with Bathsheba, he had chosen to stay home when he should have gone to war with the other soldiers. There would have been no temptation from Bathsheba if David had been strategizing on the battlefield instead of relaxing on his rooftop terrace. David could not have committed his horrible sin had he never decided to take it easy at home. And, even at home, if David had decided to fight the temptation, he never would have called Bathsheba to the palace.
     Many young men are quick to criticize David for not going to battle with the other kings, yet they often do the same thing he did. Of course, they are not kings so they are not responsible for leading an army, but they do have a responsibility to fight. The devil is a formidable foe that is just looking for an opportunity to tempt young men who have given up their will to fight. At the first sign of temptation, they resign themselves to the fact that they are going to give in. The devil tempts them to listen to the wrong type of music when they are alone, and, instead of fighting and walking away, they give in. Satan often works by planting seeds of temptation in the heads of young men. They realize that in a couple hours they will be home alone for whatever reason, and they automatically know they are going to give in to the temptation of looking at things on the internet they know they should not be seeing. They know they don’t want to give in, but before they can put up a fight, they are plotting their course of sin in their minds. A commercial comes on television with some raunchy material and, rather than looking away, they are looking for the time that show will be on so they can make plans to watch it.
     This world is getting sicker and sicker, and strong young men are getting fewer and fewer. Where are the young men who will at least put up a fight? Stop just giving in to temptation the moment it pops in front of you. At least battle against it. It is so easy to just give in; it is tough to stand up and turn away. Perhaps that is why so many are giving up and giving in. Will you be a young man who will determine that he has had enough of defeat and start fighting to win some victories?

Quote of the day: “You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility.  -Dodinsky

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