Friday, June 6, 2014

Today Is D-Day!

Read: John 9:1-4

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.                                                                                               John 9:4

     The Allied invasion onto the beaches of Normandy proved to be the turning point of World War II. Up to that point, the Nazis had enjoyed tremendous success, seemingly against any nation they desired to fight. The ideology of the elite had permeated their entire army, making them determined to win at all costs. Some of the best generals the world has ever known were part of those assembled to plan a counteroffensive that would attempt to grind the German war machine to a halt. These generals spent nearly two years planning the move they were about to make. They knew many lives would be lost in this all-out attack; and they knew that, even then, their plan may not be successful. While the Allied commanders had leaked false information to the Nazis as to where they might attack, they had no idea if their enemies had taken the bait. Yet, for all this, there was one thing the generals were absolutely sure of: there was a much greater risk to the entire Allied aspirations if they did nothing. If they sat idly by, the Axis powers would surely conquer one place after another until they had amassed such great stores that they would be impossible to defeat. The only thing that stood between Nazi domination of the world and freedom was the action of these generals. Thankfully, they decided to plow forward, and, with the bravery of the men of “the greatest generation” leading the charge, they accomplished their mission at Normandy that day.
     We are in a war for our spiritual survival. Teenagers left and right are being destroyed by Satan, a most ruthless foe. He has no mercy, and he doesn’t care by what means he must bring Christianity down. That is his only goal, for if he can bring Christianity down, then he will have hurt God. Why do Christian teenagers sit idly by and wait to be destroyed, or wait for their fellow teens to be destroyed? This is not the time for addiction to video games, worldly music, and ungodly living. This is a time for Bible reading, prayer, and devotion to getting out the message of the gospel. It is time to stop spending time discussing things with your friends that are not pleasing to God, and to start using that time to encourage them to do right. Sure, it may feel awkward at first because that is the opposite of the norm; but the only thing standing between spiritual victory and the annihilation of Christianity is one generation of young people who are not willing to give all for Christ. Today is D-Day! It is time to stop letting Satan destroy, and start living, in the power of the Holy Spirit, on the offensive

Quote of the day: “Refuse to lower your standards for those who refuse to raise theirs.”

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