Sunday, April 6, 2014

Small Sins; Big Consequences

Read: Galatians 6:1-10

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines…      Song of Solomon 2:15 

     Dawn broke upon the Titanic (a ship the captain said not even God himself could sink) cold and overcast on the morning of April 10, 1912. Immigrants and aristocrats alike were preparing to embark upon the maiden voyage of the ship many felt was indestructible. No one could have known that only five days later the Titanic would strike a relatively small iceberg in the middle of the night and sink within two-and-a-half hours. Because of an inadequate supply of lifeboats and the inexperience of the crew, many lives were lost as the “ship of dreams” carried its expensive cargo to the ocean floor. It was originally thought that there must have been a giant hole in the side of the Titanic that caused it to sink. Years later, it was discovered that it was only a twelve to thirteen square foot hole that had been ripped across five of the airtight holds that kept the sailing city afloat.
     Though it may not seem very large on the scale of a giant ship like the Titanic, it was enough to take it down. Our sins are the same way in our lives. They may not seem like much to us, but to God they are a very big thing. Numbers 32:23 says, “…and be sure your sins will find you out.” The only thing that can mean is that there will be consequences for our actions. It may not be the “big” things like murder, robbery, or fornication. It is the seemingly “small sins” like lying, cheating, rebellion, disobedience, bad attitude, and unthankfulness that could lead to our spiritual demise.
     Very few people aboard the Titanic, if asked, would have thought that such a small hole could have sunk such a floating fortress. Very few Christians believe that their “small sins” can or will destroy their lives. God says it is the “small foxes that spoil the grapes.” Many people are conscious of potential big sin in their lives and will usually make plans to avoid it; they often ignore the little things that grow and grow until there is nothing left but destruction.
     Had the Titanic avoided that small iceberg, one of the greatest maritime disasters of all ages could have been averted. Be aware of the little things that could spoil great potential, and make plans to stay away from their destructive influences.

Quote of the day: “The chains of sin are too light to be felt until they are so strong you cannot break them.”

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